How to make dials using BDC Amplifier

Load your leads and them name auto dials
1. Load your leads

You can import a list of prospects you already have. BDC Amplifier includes a built-in Contact Manager that allows you to sort and search through your contacts in useful and efficient ways.

auto dialer voicemail message
2. Record your voicemail message

Record a voicemail message that BDC Amplifier will leave for you when reaching an answering machine. You can record several different messages and choose the one you want.

select your auto dial contacts
3. Choose the prospects you want to call

Pick as few as 1 - or as many as 500 - contacts from your built-in Contact Manager. If you only want to call people from a certain area code or zip code, BDC Amplifier has you covered.

start your auto dial session
4. Start your auto dial session

It's as simple as picking up your phone, dialing into BDC Amplifier, and clicking a button. You're ready to start calling contacts at a rate of about one per minute!

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