Frequently asked questions about BDC Amplifier and auto dialers.

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  1. When my Contacts answer, will there be a pause before they hear me speak?

    No! Rest assured, with this state-of-the-art dialing technology, there is no pause after your Contact answers before you begin speaking like on those antiquated dialers. Your Contact will never know you are utilizing a dialing application to contact them.

  2. What about long distance charges?

    You will be responsible for normal long-distance charges when dialing into BDC Amplifier. However, there are no additional long-distance charges for the calls BDC Amplifier makes to your Contacts.

  3. What do I need to use BDC Amplifier?

    - A computer. (PC or Mac will work fine.)
    - An Internet connection. (DSL/cable or faster.)
    - A credit card (for billing).
    - A phone. (Regular landline… cell phone… or VOIP.)

  4. Are there any restrictions on how I can use BDC Amplifier?

    Yes. You will be responsible for complying with all applicable regulations concerning calling. BDC Amplifier is only a service that enables you to call lists of Contacts quickly and efficiently

  5. What happens when BDC Amplifier sends an e-mail… and the person clicks on the unsubscribe link in that e-mail?

    The BDC Amplifier system will not send any additional e-mails to that person, even if you use BDC Amplifier to call them again.

  6. Can I add my own emails?

    Yes. You have a message library where you're allowed to enter as many custom emails as you want.

  7. How many pre-recorded voicemail messages can I have?

    BDC Amplifier does not limit the number of pre-recorded messages you can create. We let you create as many messages as you need.

  8. I have several businesses. Will I be able to use BDC Amplifier for all my businesses?

    You can use BDC Amplifier for as many different businesses as you need. Because our message library and voicemail recording system allows you to add unlimited messages, you can setup all the messages you need to work all your different businesses.

  9. Can I dial more than one person at the same time?

    No. BDC Amplifier follows federal and state laws that make it illegal to call more than one person at the same time through dialing applications unless a live person can answer all of those calls. The benefit to you? Our state-of-the art technology helps you stay in compliance with Federal laws and ensures that there is no pause between the time a contact picks up the phone and the time that you are able to speak to them. Your prospects will never know you are using a dialing application.

  10. Do you allow me to record my calls?

    No. It is a crime in many states to record a telephone call without the consent of everyone on the call. In fact, violation of these laws may cause the users of such a feature to pay substantial fines in the thousands of dollars, and spend time in jail. BDC Amplifier looks out for you! Its state-of-the art technology helps you to avoid accidentally violating these laws.

  11. Is BDC Amplifier a predictive dialer?

    No. Predictive dialers place multiple calls (at the same time) in an effort to connect with as many "live answers" as possible. If a live operator isn't available to speak to each person contacted by the dialer, federal law may be violated.

    When the predictive dialer calls a number that is answered, the person answering will usually experience a delay (dead air) of a few seconds before being connected. The initial delay is caused by the dialer taking time to determine whether the call was answered by a human or an answering machine. Additional delay is caused by the dialer connecting calls answered by a human to a live operator.

  12. Is BDC Amplifier an auto dialer?

    An auto dialer is commonly defined as a device or software that auto dials telephone numbers and leaves a recorded message or connects to a live person. While some portions of BDC Amplifier fit that description, our service would more likely be considered a power dialer because of all of the other features included.

  13. Is my data secure and how do I know it won't be sold or shared?

    You account is ID and password protected. All data, scripts, email content and recordings loaded in your account are your content and will never be shared or sold by BDC Amplifier.

  14. Does the BDC Amplifier provide me with reporting information?

    Yes. Summary reporting is available after each session to indicate how many live answer, email or voice mail messages were completed during the dial session. Detailed lists of who was contacted - and the associated notes - can be exported at any time.

  15. Can the BDC Amplifier be used for both sales and service?

    Of course! The BDC Amplifier works extremely well for any department that needs to make 10-or more calls at a given time.

  16. Is it possible to have the BDC Amplifier integrated with our DMS or CRM Solution?

    The BDC Amplifier has an API interface that can be used with several different programs, but each situation will be unique. Please contact us to explore this request in more detail.

  17. How do I go about pulling lists and loading them into the BDC Amplifier?

    Use any reporting tool in your DMS or CRM Solution that allows you to group records by a common theme (ie: last visit date, purchase expiry date, etc.) and export them in CSV format. From the Contact screen, you can import a batch, or add just a single Contact record.

  18. What information can be loaded in the BDC Amplifier for our agents to access?

    If you can export it out of your DMS or CRM system, you can import it into the BDC Amplifier. Two screens are provided to display both primary information and Contact details that you have selected to import.

  19. Can I add my own notes during a call?

    Yes, during a dial session, you have the ability to add custom notes and reminders to your contact details.

  20. Can a dial session be paused?

    Yes. With a single click, the BDC Amplifier dial session can be paused mid-stream to allow an agent to look-up information in another program, take a break to address an incoming call, or enter details in another program.

  21. What is a disposition?

    A disposition is the term used to summarize what the results of your call were. They will change depending on whether or not you were able to reach a contact live during your dialing session.

    1. When you are dialing, they will include default values like: Live Answer, Voice mail, No Answer, Busy, Wrong Number, Bad Number, or Fax.
    2. When your contact number is answered live, they will include default values like: Interested, Not Interested, Wrong Person or Do Not Call.

  22. Can I customize a disposition or call result?

    Yes! BDC Amplifier allows you to add your own disposition buttons and enables you to customize how you interact with the dialer. Once you create a new disposition set, you will be prompted at the beginning of your dial session to select which disposition set you'll use for that specific session.

  23. Do you supply contact lists?

    Yes. PBS Managed Services can provide you with a list of conquest names in your area for an additional charge. Contact us for additional details.

  24. Can I use the BDC Amplifier remotely or as a work from home employee?

    Absolutely! As long as you have access to the internet and a phone, you'll be set to go!

  25. Can two people from my BDC use the BDC Amplifier at the same time?

    Yes and No. Although each license is a single-user license (only one person can dial out at a time), we'd be happy to provide you with additional licenses!

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